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July 28, 2012 | Comments Away on CCS is Proud of its Background. If you’re a young adult between the ages of 18-27 having a substance abuse issue or are questioning if you’re hooked on drugs, it’s time to look at getting therapy in a rehabilitation for young adults. There are an assortment of medications generally abused by young adults. Jim also worked for many years in the area for a therapist for adolescents with acute mental health disorders and coordinated a residential center for high-risk children and adolescents involved in the Department of Children and Family Services.

He strives to offer patients and their families with powerful treatments through compassion, patient instruction, and research. Sandeep Gaonkar, MD.. Dr. Gaonkar has held chairmanship and directorship positions at hospitals, community rehab programs, and long-term care facilities. He earned his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Benedictine University and was a licensed clinical rehab-near-me drug rehab professional counselor since 2000. CCS is licensed by the Commission on Accreditation.

Acute pediatric inpatient rehab at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, a part of Northwestern Medicine, joins intensive treatment and compassionate attention from specialist doctors and nurses at a favorable environment to help children gain freedom and thrive. Request Appointment s. His previous jobs include being a supervisor for the Department of Probation and Court Services at DuPage County where he assisted in developing a mental health plan for high-risk youth, and supervised therapists and probation officers who worked with juvenile offenders with mental health and substance use disorders. Gaonkar began his medical career at Albert Einstein University affiliate hospital at New York. Rehabilitation Services. Regions of Care.

Concussion Functional Capacity Assessment (FCE)/work hardening for employees ‘ comp cases Graston treatment Hand therapy Lymphedema treatment breast cancer treatment Head/neck cancer treatment Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders Pediatric treatment Pregnancy Pelvic pain and contraceptive therapy Running Vestibular and balance disorders Vocal cord dysfunction Irritable larynx syndrome Cognitive retraining Wound care. Jim is an assistant professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has taught graduate courses in clinical and forensic psychology. Intense adult inpatient rehab at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, a part of Northwestern Medicine, combines intensive treatment with healthcare from specialist doctors and nurses to assist patients regain freedom and live their own life to the fullest.

Our experienced, licensed occupational therapists may conduct a comprehensive evaluation and produce a customized treatment program for you. Northwestern Medicine gives access to complex, collaborative maintenance, such as: The supportive staff works with patients to successfully unite Medication-Assisted Therapy with psychotherapy and counselling to ensure patients are able to sustain lasting recovery. Find Doctors. Our rehab experts are educated in a wide Assortment of areas, such as: Your adult child or other young adult loved one having a drug dependence might not understand or maybe is in denial concerning the effects of the medication on her or his entire body, the consequences in their potential and the consequences of their dependence on their nearest and dearest. In reality, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids clarifies that young adults who don’t attend faculty "are more inclined than their peers that are enrolled in college " to misuse prescription medication.

His areas of expertise include dependency, injury, group therapy, crisis intervention, family therapy and advocacy. When some parents probably assume that the substance misuse is a problem because their youthful adult kid is hanging with the incorrect audience of peers at school, rather the contrary could be true. Throughout his career, Dr. One of those who graduated from high school, 13.1 percent confessed to abusing prescription medication, while one addiction treatment near me of young adults who graduated from school 11.3 percent confessed to prescription drug misuse. In addition, Jim has worked in a hospital setting with adults with acute mental health concerns with a focus on treatment planning, appraisal and family counselling. Contact Us. Dr.

Licensed therapists providing occupational, physical and speech therapy Registered nurses, respiratory therapists and exercise physiologists supplying cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation Counseling training solutions for performance improvement and complete return to sport analysis and therapy such as Dartfish movement analysis Suitable inpatient rehabilitation locations throughout the Chicagoland area Physical, occupational and speech therapy services to our own home-bound patients throughout home health and hospice providers. CCS is accredited from the Tennessee Department of Psychological Health, and regulated by a Board of Directors. Our speech therapists may also assist you or your loved you get your address, swallowing and language skills back on course following stroke, surgery, injury or neurological disorder. Our purpose is to make certain you return to your optimum performance, daily activities and general quality of life as confidently, safely and pain-free as you can.

Northwestern Medicine delivers innovative, personalized and effective treatment for patients of all ages in suitable rehab places throughout the Chicagoland region. Gaonkar completed his psychiatric residency with academic honors from Rosalind Franklin University at Illinois. Request Appointment, Locate Doctors or Contact Us. Joliet Staff. Northwestern Medicine delivers a whole variety of remedies for you and your loved ones, including follow-up treatment for teens, sports medicine for children of all ages and treatment for aging people.

Northwestern Medicine provides specialized occupational and physical therapy following your cardiovascular or heart surgery. Constructing your stamina and stamina Compensating for memory and vision reduction Learning methods to ease pain Performing tasks of daily living (ADLs) like: Bathing Cooking/eating Dressing Driving With a pc Daily actions without reinjury Regaining manual dexterity Simplifying work and conserve energy using innovative adaptations employing adaptive equipment to make everyday tasks easier Training and advice for family members and caregivers. MEDICAL DIRECTOR.

You may work one-on-one with a few of our therapists to develop an individualized treatment regimen that’s developed in close and continuing collaboration with your doctor.